Chuvash regional department of the Russian public organization "Russian Society of Young Scientists" would like to invite you to participate in 1st International young researchers conference on December 4-7 this year in Cheboksary, Russia. During the conference the round table discusssions, seminar on effective international collaboration between young reserachers and other activities will be organized.


                There are 5 key research areas and working sessions:


                           1. Nanomaterials, nanotechnology and new sources of energy 
                           2. Power, electrical engineering and energy-saving technologies
                           3. Medicine, veterinary and pharmacy
                           4. Chemical materials application in modern energetics
                           5. Actual problems of natural and social sciences.



           We hope that everybody of you can find something appropriate for yourself. More information can be found on this website.  



            If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask organizers. We hope to meet you all in Russia!

04-07 december 2013 year, Cheboksary

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